Our Impact – 2016

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By the numbers

#girls 22,782 girl members
outreach 1,103 girl members served through Outreach Programs
adultmembers 9,688 adult members


This year, girls devoted
77,024 hours
to service projects


Girl Members by Age Group 2016


membership by region 2016


Highest Awards

gold award 1,177 girls earn Bronze
silver 393 girls earn Silver
bronze 48 girls earn Gold



camp 3,322 girls attend camp
newcampers 1,378 new campers
propertyrentals 27 GSCO property reservations by outside users


Product Sales

product sales 3,792,245 packages of cookies sold
hth icon 180,506 packages of cookies donated to Hometown Heroes
money raised $2,493,057 earned by troops



volunteer hours 7,725 volunteers
hours 256,363 volunteer hours projected
training 179 adult in-person trainings, as well as 1,105 individual virtual trainings



staff 115 total staff members working at offices in Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins, Grand Junction, Pueblo, at GSCO camp properties, and remotely in the communities we serve



facebook [blue] 8,939 Facebook followers
twitter [blue] 4,559 Twitter followers
instagram [blue] 1,585 Instagram followers
social media [blue] 41,443 users at girlscoutsofcolorado.org


Women of Distinction

wod 19 Women leaders honored at Women of Distinction events
wodattendees 631 attendees at Women of Distinction events in Colorado Springs, Denver, and Grand Junction
sponsors 65 sponsors supported Women of Distinction events



donors 101 in-kind donations received to offset expenses
memory 87 donations in honor or memory of someone special
lifetimedonors 108 donations from lifetime members
firstdonors 617 first-time donors