Daisy’s Circle – 2016

Daisy's Circle Header

Named after Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low, Daisy’s Circle is Girl Scouts of Colorado’s monthly giving program. The program was designed to cultivate philanthropy within friends, members and volunteers of Girl Scouts and to support Girl Scouts and Girl Scout programs.

Daisy’s Circle donors at every level are financially invested in Girl Scouts of Colorado for the benefit of girls throughout the state. By making a financial contribution, supporters help to create a sustainable base of individual giving and reduce council reliance on earnings from product sales. Fundraising is vitally important to providing opportunity grants for membership, uniforms, supplies, camp and event fees for every girl in Colorado who wants to be a Girl Scout. Fundraising also helps to keep council-sponsored programs and activities affordable for all members.

Daisy’s Circle is easy to join and even small monthly gifts make a BIG impact. Join today, the bigger the circle the bigger the impact! For more information or to join Daisy’s Circle visit gscodaisyscircle.org.

Thank you to the following Daisy’s Circle members for their support. In celebration of this new fundraising campaign, the first 100 people who joined Daisy’s Circle are members of the Founding 100 (*).


Chris Adams *
Karrie Adamson *
Sam Aghbashian *
Laura Aguon *
Chandra Allred *
Kathryn M. Ambrose *
Nicole Araki
Elise Armenta *
Aimee Bianca
Heidi Books *
Sarah Braucht
Timothy Marcus Butler
Jamie Buttermore *
Connie Campbell *
Karole L. Campbell *
Jennifer Casani *
Alison Clark-Hardesty *
Sara Cole *
Jennifer Colosimo *
Steve & Caroline Cornell *
Mary Ann Deard *
Marla DeJohn *
Catherine Diamond Viator *
Linda S. Dodds *
Toni Dondero *
Rae Ann Dougherty *
Allison Ellington *
Troy Engh *
Nicole Diana Eubanks *
David Fischer *
Stephanie A. Foote *
Stephannie and Kent Fortune
Erica Fukahara *
Julie Gallagher *
Jessica Gentilini *
Victoria Gigoux *
Cindi Graves *
Monica Gray *
Salina L. Griego *
Carol Griffin *
Janice Haft *
Kristin Hamm *
AnneMarie Harper *
Penelope Harrison *
Kaylen Harrison-Hopkins *
Cricket Hawkins *
Jamie Haxton *
Donnell Heistand
Joseph E Higgins *
Beth Homeijer *
Jennifer Huey *
Katrina Jameson *
Laura E. Johnson *
Martha Johnson *
Katie Jones *
Michelle Jones *
Darcie Klassen *
Kaoru Kobayashi
Holly Jo Kramer
Hannah Kuehl *
Andrew Kyser *
Betty LaDoucieur
Noreen Landis-Tyson
Mikki Langston *
Becky Lenz *
Lori Leugers *
Rori Lindo-Britton *
Rebecca Lipman *
Elizabeth Lipp *
Jan Lucas *
SarahBeth Lundine *
Laura Lyznicki *
Brandi Martinez *
Susan Matthews
Cindy Miller *
Linda K. Mountain
Nancy Mucklow *
Maggie Murray *
Janell Myers *
Amy Myers *
Jacky Noden *
Cora Ohlgren *
Korina S. Padilla *
Kelly Parthen *
Kim Petau *
Jackie Peterson *
Sarah Raizk *
Jennifer Raymond *
Gayle Richardson *
Linda L. Robinson
Nancy Ropken *
Michelle Rose-Hughes *
Tinesha S. Ross *
Lisa Sanchez *
Sarah Scalise *
Allison Scheider *
Jodi K. Scott *
Shauna Shafer *
Ranee Shenoi, MD *
Katie Singleton *
Shannon Sisler *
Kara L. Skinner *
Betsy Smith *
Nicie Smullen *
Suzanne Soto *
Keile E. Stewart *
Debbie Swanson *
Andria Thomas *
Lori Thompson *
Jill S. Tietjen *
Barbara Tucker *
Carmen Valdez *
Jordyn Walker *
Shannon Weaver *
Jauna Werner
Renita Wolf *