General Donors – 2017

Thank you to the following generous donors who supported Girl Scouts of Colorado from October 1, 2016 – September 30, 2017. 

Click on the tab titles at left to see the list for each giving category.


We use this key to recognize those whose generosity has continued for 5 or more years.

 solid_green_trefoil = 20 or more years

 ThinMint = 15-19 years

 Samoa = 10-14 years

 DoSiDo = 5-9 years

$100,000 and over$25,000 - $49,999$10,000 - $24,999$5,000 - $9,999$2,500 - $4,999$1,000-$2,499$250 - $999
Stephanie A. Foote ThinMint
Adolph Coors Foundation solid_green_trefoil

Helen M. McLoraine Girl Scouts Scholarship Endowment Fund of the Denver Foundation Samoa 

Kathryn M. & Richard F. Ambrose solid_green_trefoil

Girl Scouts of Colorado troops & service units solid_green_trefoil

Lockheed Martin solid_green_trefoil

Packard Foundation Fund for Pueblo solid_green_trefoil

George G. Birdsall Trust solid_green_trefoil

Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation ThinMint

Centerplate DoSiDo

Edson Foundation of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation

Girl Scouts of the USA solid_green_trefoil

Rollie R Kelley Family Foundation Fund ThinMint

Lloyd J. and Eleanor R. King Foundation DoSiDo

Lufkin Family Endowment of the Yampa Valley Community Foundation solid_green_trefoil

Mary R. Sissel Fund ThinMint

Jo Ann Soker ThinMint

Barbara A. Tucker

United Way of Mesa County ThinMint

US Bank solid_green_trefoil

George M. White Charitable Trust ThinMint

Linda M. Arneson ThinMint

Eileen Blanchard

Jamaica and Brian Burke Samoa

Timothy M. Butler

Bruce T. and Connie Campbell ThinMint

Community First Foundation Samoa

Daniels Fund ThinMint

Grand Lake Yacht Club Sailing Foundation DoSiDo

Grace Isabelle McNaught Trust solid_green_trefoil

Cindy Miller

Tinesha Ross

Ann and Gerald Saul ThinMint

Schlessman Family Foundation solid_green_trefoil

Shannon Sisler

Sturm Family Foundation

The Summit Foundation DoSiDo

Western Colorado Community Foundation ThinMint

Henry E. Wurst Family Foundation Samoa

Alpine Bank – Grand Junction ThinMint

Janel Andersen Samoa

Arrow Electronics, Inc. DoSiDo

Anita and Aaron Azari

Tammy J. Belden

Alison Betts DoSiDo

Mikki and Robert Bowles Samoa

Claudia and Marc Braunstein

Jane and Greg Broeckelman solid_green_trefoil

Joseph J. Bronesky and Jacquelin A. Medina solid_green_trefoil

Melissa and Todd Brownstein Samoa

Jennifer and John Casani DoSiDo

CenturyLink Clarke M. Williams Foundation DoSiDo

Colorado Trust Directed Contributions Fund solid_green_trefoil

Phyllis M. Coors Foundation Samoa

Sandra S. Eaton ThinMint

Enterprise Holdings Foundation

Cynthia and Doug Evans ThinMint

Caroline J. Fisher and Bob Knous solid_green_trefoil

Gap Foundation Samoa

GSCO N CO International Festival DoSiDo

Glenwood Hot Springs Resort solid_green_trefoil

Janice Haft DoSiDo

Laurel A. Hammer and Christopher Bissener ThinMint

Luanne and Charles Hazelrigg solid_green_trefoil

Janet and Douglas Hazlett solid_green_trefoil

Alice and Nelson Hill solid_green_trefoil

Sarah Catherine Hite solid_green_trefoil

Independent Bank

Kester-Davis Donor Advised Fund at Southern Colorado Community Foundation DoSiDo

Polly and Mark Lestikow

Jan Lucas

Judith Gilbert Mackey Samoa

William Marrs

Cathy and Bruce Martin

Martin Family Endowment Fund ThinMint

Lisa McMurray Samoa

NetScout Systems Inc Charitable Giving Program

Robert and Judi Newman ThinMint

Niwot Cultural Arts Association

Noble Energy, Inc. Samoa

Cora Ohlgren DoSiDo

Chapter AO  PEO Samoa

Rose Community Foundation solid_green_trefoil

Michelle Rose-Hughes Samoa

Rotary Club of Grand Junction Samoa

Sears Family Charitable Fund

Linda and Andy Shaw

State Farm Companies Foundation

Thomas and Beatrice Taplin Fund solid_green_trefoil

Cynthia K. Tappan DoSiDo

Karen and Scott Thomason DoSiDo

United Health Group

United Launch Alliance DoSiDo

United Way of Southwest Colorado Samoa

Verizon Foundation Samoa

Western Union Foundation ThinMint

Russell White

Whitewater Building Materials Samoa

Domenica Williams/The Charles Schwab Corporation Foundation

Women’s Fund of Weld County

Mrs. Jacques W.  Zoller solid_green_trefoil


Laura Aguon

Chandra Allred

Amazon Smile

Calvin Anderson DoSiDo

Anonymous solid_green_trefoil

Arc Thrift Stores Samoa

Tracy Atkins DoSiDo

Cary Baird

Leigh Ann Baize

Ball Corp solid_green_trefoil

Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund

Elise Barrios

Bellco Credit Union

Michelle and Richard Bellows solid_green_trefoil

Martha and Donald Bender solid_green_trefoil

Patricia and John Bicknell DoSiDo

Joy and Paul Bordenave DoSiDo

Kristi Boyd

Ed Bozarth Chevrolet, Pontiac and Buick, Inc. solid_green_trefoil

Julie and Russell Branting DoSiDo

Ryan Britton

Jamie and Raymond Buttermore

Carol Calkins

Karole L. Campbell

Beverly Carlson

Harriet and Clay Carpenter Samoa

Cisco Foundation

Carla A Clark

Alison Clark-Hardesty DoSiDo

Jennifer and Will Colosimo ThinMint

Caroline and Steve Cornell Samoa

Creative Curbing LLC

Mary Gittings Cronin Fund Samoa

CSAA Insurance

Sandra Cunningham Samoa

Derek and Laura D’Ardenne DoSiDo

Mary Ann and Dan Deard ThinMint

Catherine Diamond Viator DoSiDo

Phyllis and Mark Dickerson

Douglas R. Diederich DoSiDo

Rae Ann and Richard Dougherty ThinMint

Allison and Ryan Ellington

Troy Engh

Farmers Insurance

Gene Farrar

Elizabeth Feitner solid_green_trefoil

Stephannie and Kent Fortune DoSiDo

Erica Fukahara

Anne Garcia solid_green_trefoil

GE Foundation

Jessica Gentilini

Monica Gray DoSiDo

Dorothy F. Gregory solid_green_trefoil

Kristin Hamm DoSiDo

AnneMarie Harper

Penelope Harrison Samoa

Sarah Harrison and Thomas P. Fair Samoa

Jena Hausmann DoSiDo

Cricket Hawkins DoSiDo

Jamie Haxton

Anne Heine solid_green_trefoil

Donnell and Mark Heistand

Judy Henderson

Joseph E. Higgins

Sharlene Piper Hower

Jennifer Huey

Kip Hughes solid_green_trefoil

Sandra Jackson solid_green_trefoil

Katrina Jameson Samoa

Lisa Jeffrey Samoa

Melba Johnston solid_green_trefoil

Kathleen Katra

Mark Keenan

Barbara Kelley ThinMint

Patricia Kingsbury DoSiDo

Anne Kinney DoSiDo

Darcie Klassen

Kohl’s DoSiDo

Kathy K. and William M. Kreidler solid_green_trefoil

Kroenke Sports Enterprises ThinMint

Hannah Kuehl

Meredith and Robert Kuehler DoSiDo

Heidi Kutcher

Andrew Kyser

Betty LaDoucieur

Steve Lanyon

Kandis Laponte

Kim Last

Jane Lauer

Barbara Leggate Samoa

Lori Leugers

Rori Lindo-Britton ThinMint

Marlene and Dennis Logan solid_green_trefoil

Kate Lorig solid_green_trefoil

Lyndy and Mark Lubbers solid_green_trefoil

SarahBeth Lundine

Laurie and Daniel Maher DoSiDo

Karen and Dean Massey solid_green_trefoil

Linda Masters Samoa

McKesson Foundation Samoa

Kathleen Menard-Murray

Montrose Community Foundation

James and Mabel Moore Fund ThinMint

Morgan Charitable

Nancy and C. J. Mucklow solid_green_trefoil

Margaret Anne Murray Samoa

Amy Myers DoSiDo

Noel Nevers

Bethany Newcomb

Korina Padilla

Kelly Parthen ThinMint

Peachtree Hardware Inc. ThinMint

Earl and Caroline Peterson

Jackie Peterson

Janice Petro ThinMint

Jan and Gary Philpy DoSiDo

Sarah and Josh Raizk DoSiDo

Denise M. Raper DoSiDo

Raytheon Charitable Giving Samoa

Gayle Richardson

Linda and Bruce Robinson Samoa

Jennifer R. Rodgers

Nancy and Terry Ropken Samoa

Matthew L. Schaefer solid_green_trefoil

Marie and Walter Seelye ThinMint

Shauna and Jacob Shafer DoSiDo

Kara L. Skinner DoSiDo

Kathleen Sloan solid_green_trefoil

Nicie Smullen

Kim Staley DoSiDo

Roxie L. Strong solid_green_trefoil

Debbie Swanson DoSiDo

Mary Ann and Eric Swanson

Lori Thompson DoSiDo

Victoria L. Thornton

Jill S. Tietjen, P.E. solid_green_trefoil

Town of Breckenridge DoSiDo

Town of Frisco DoSiDo

Town of Silverthorne DoSiDo

June Travis

Karen Troester

University of Denver

USA Swimming

Rita and Brent Walters solid_green_trefoil

Shannon Weaver

Wells Fargo Advisors

Jauna Werner Samoa

Judith White Samoa

Wiersma Experience Marketing

Linda and Larry Williams solid_green_trefoil

Marla Williams solid_green_trefoil

Renita and Andrew Wolf solid_green_trefoil

The Woman’s Club of Colorado Springs

Gary Woodworth

Xcel Energy Foundation ThinMint

Yampa Valley Electric Association